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Who are we?

Mácula Interactive is an independent creative studio dedicated to creating unique and interactive narrative experiences based on the history of Mexico.

Our mission is to bring people closer to the history and heritage of our country through deeply documented, fun and interactive experiences that will reconnect us with what it means to be Mexican.

We are committed to creativity, discipline, collaboration and promotion of talent to create products with real value for our users and our country.

What we do

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We like to do many things, but we love documentary film, history, art and videogames. Below you can find some of our favorite projects:


There is nothing that we enjoy more than being curious. We approach the world the way we know best, through cinematic and emotional storytelling. Documenting what surrounds us is a way to understand where we are and therefore dream where we can go.


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Video games

We believe videogames represent one of the most important creative expressions of our time. In the current context, sharing symbolic values and creating communities through entertaining and interactive experiences can have enormous impact on society.

You can check out our games below.

Scaffolding & Restorers

Save the Cathedral of Mexico City! Only someone with true skill can save our heritage. Scaffolding and Restorers is a construction and resource management game in which you will play with a team of a restorer and builder. Help preserve and restore the Metropolitan Cathedral by building scaffoldings to help the restorers reach the damaged spots. Restore all the damage before time is up and save our heritage.


Coming soon


Mexico, 1921
A deep slumber

An intriguing and emotional story about the awakening of a nation.


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