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Immerse yourself in post revolutionary Mexico City with:
Mexico,1921: A deep slumber.
An emotional and intriguing narrative adventure video game about the awakening of a country.


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México, 1921.


After years of revolutionary conflict the first social constitution in the world is in place and Obregón -the new President- will try to steer the country to a brighter future. How did he ended up murdered while surrounded by his friends and colleagues seven years later? Mexico, 1921 follows the life of Juan Aguirre, a young photo journalist that will cover the news that will not only shape the course of a country, but also his life. Explore, interview and photograph the historical events that formed a country and discover who planned the assassination of Álvaro Obregón?

Key Features

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Be a journalist!


Report the news that will

change the course of

a country



Picture or it didn't happen!

Use Juan's camera to capture historical moments and to gather evidence for your stories. Toggle with the depth of field, aperture and zoom to capture interesting pictures for the newspaper. And remember, no blurry picture ever made the front page.

Nosey Mode


The truth is not always in plain sight. With Juan's Nosy side you can find hidden objects easily, listen to conversations not meant for your ears and use this to help you build your stories and notes. It's not gossiping if it's for journalistic purposes!

Interact & collect


With no internet around your main source of information are people and things around you. Interact with and interview characters to quote on your stories and collect 100+ objects that can trigger side missions and historical data that will turn your game into an interactive documentary archive.

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Teaser trailer

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